Call for Participation

A thunderous noise coming from the street wakes you up. It sounded like a huge explosion coming from the underground. The windows are still shaking. You look at the clock, it is only 7:11 in the morning. You still feel tired after a long night of coding. The characters in the terminal on your screen are still dancing like insects around the light; your program is still computing. You start hearing people shouting in the streets, so you jump to your computer and start searching information about it. It takes you just a couple of minutes to find out what is going on: the city has just suffered one of the biggest natural disasters in recorded history. Social networks are flooding with comments about it in all directions. What you find is even more disturbing: the worst is yet to come. Experts are talking about a second hit but it is not clear where or when is gonna happen. Panic starts spreading over the city like a dark fog. You serve yourself a glass of water while your phone rings and you hear the voice on the other side saying: “Hey, we need your help!”.